Intense physical confrontation erupts between Roadies’ Prince Narula and Gautam Gulati in latest promo

In a shocking turn of events on MTV’s “Roadies – Karm ya Kaand,” tensions between gang leaders Prince Narula and Gautam Gulati boiled over, resulting in a heated physical confrontation. The intense face-off occurred in an upcoming promo, leaving fans and contestants stunned.

Gautam Gulati, visibly frustrated, expressed his unwillingness to engage with Prince Narula, revealing that he had gone as far as blocking him on WhatsApp. In response, Prince Narula issued a strong statement, stating that he had effectively “blocked” Gautam from his life altogether.


The disagreement escalated rapidly into a physical altercation, with both gang leaders advancing toward each other, ready to settle their differences by any means necessary. Fortunately, the situation did not spiral out of control, as Bollywood actor and show host Sonu Sood intervened to defuse the explosive confrontation.

While viewers and contestants alike were taken aback by the intensity of the brawl, social media has been buzzing with speculation about whether the feud between Gautam and Prince is scripted for the sake of entertainment. However, Gautam Gulati, who is making his debut as a gang leader on the show, recently clarified that he is committed to doing what he believes is right, hinting that their clashes are genuine and not staged for drama.