India’s Best Dancer 2 judge, Malaika Arora talks about dealing with contestants

Malaika Arora said: “I deal with the contestants just as how I would with my kids.”

This happy season brings back one of the well-known dance reality TV shows: India’s Best Dancer, Season 2. A fitness icon, entertainer, reality TV show judge, entrepreneur, Malaika Arora does every role of her work perfectly. Being an individual personality, she will be seen discussing how she manages her children the same way she would also manage the same with the contestants.

Talking about her ways of giving comments is very kind and polite, Malaika Arora says, “Yes, I think if I have to tell my kid something or my sister’s children for example. I feel I’d do the same. I deal with the contestants just as I would with my kids. Even if a stern scolding is needed, I’d do it but that too with a sprinkle of love. I can be very strict actually, but I try not to be.”



India’s Best Dancer 2 will also see Geeta Kapur and Terence Lewis as the other two judges. The show will see Maniesh Paul as the host.

Maniesh who is first time hosting this dance reality show, said, “The expectation of the audience is more and the contestants are stronger than I thought. Moreover, I came across new dance styles. Like I must say belly dancing is so beautiful and I would love to learn it.” He also pointed towards the contestant Varun Dagar and says: “Varun’s dancing style is so new for me. We start crying when he performs. His dance moves seem divine to me.