Imlie episode update: Surya has his eye on Imlie

Written Update: February 19, 2024.

Surya is asked by the police commissioner whether he wants to search and dig up the grounds of the Chaudhry house since he believes something wrong happened to his brother-in-law (BIL) there. Surya claims that his sixth sense always speaks the truth, that he can check his records, and that he is currently undercover and needs authorization.

The commissioner states that the law requires proof and that he cannot grant approval without it. Surya claims that a girl named Imlie, who is extremely selfish, is involved and that the Chaudhrys are tied to her; Raghu had messed up with her that day. According to the commissioner, the Chaudhrys are a dignified family in this area, and he made a mistake by putting Surya in this case, so he is dismissing him and his sixth sense from the case.


Sonali contacts Imlie and notifies her that a policeman is visiting them and examining the goon Raghu; she is concerned that the police have tracked his phone down to this location. Imlie tells her not to worry until she arrives; the cops will never find out what happened to that monster. Surya informs Constable Tripathi that Imlie is engaged in Raghu’s disappearance; he is unable to do anything professionally, and no one can prevent him from privately investigating the case. Malti was worried about Surya. Her mother soothes her. Surya returns home. Malti inquires whether he has discovered Raghu. Surya claims he will. Malti claims Surya has been absent for two days and threatens to commit suicide if Raghu is killed. Surya promises to find Raghu.

Mother questions Surya on why he hasn’t found Raghu yet. Surya claims the commissioner got him out of the case since Raghu is a family relative. Mother claims Surya is not a family member because her husband rescued him from a dustbin and raised him; she constantly advised him not to adopt him, but he did and made him a police officer to defend his family; if he were still alive, she would have informed him that his own blood is always loyal. Surya is sad.

Tripathi calls and informs him that the technical team received his and Surya’s last calls. Surya requests that he send it to his personal email address and delete it from the records. He listens to the audio and notices Imlie’s voice in the background. He believes the commissioner withdrew him from the case; as a brother, he will examine it to determine Imlie’s involvement. Imlie, glancing at Agastya’s photo, swears to protect his family at all costs.

The next morning, Surya learns that Raghu’s case has been closed. Tripathi claims there is pressure from higher-ups; he attempted to examine Sonali and Shivani, but Imlie always interfered. Surya says he won’t spare Imlie now, and she should be prepared to confront him. Imlie attends classes.

Imlie gets a 70/100 on her English test, and the teacher urges the pupils to applaud her. Imlie exclaims, “Thank you, Madom, for this paper; I will take it home and show it to my family.” She walks out of college and emotionally informs Agastya’s photo that she received 70/100 grades in English and will soon fly high. She gets a call and says she fulfilled one commitment promised to Agasty and will fulfil another promise by protecting his family. Surya spies on her.

Imlie’s friends advise her that Daadi is devastated by Agastya’s death, Shivani hasn’t spoken in two weeks, Sonali was involved in an accident and is unable to run the business due to a broken leg, Govind is losing money, and the entire family is in dire straits. Imlie thanks them for the information and says she’ll call them again if necessary. She then messages Sonali. Binni brings food for Sonali and discovers her sleeping. She sees Imlie’s message on Sonali’s phone, hears it, and deletes it. She then drives her automobile into Imlie’s bicycle.

Imlie falls and asks if she can’t see. Binni gets out of the car and says she sees Imlie and her objectives, so why is she interfering with the Chaudhry family? Imlie claims Binni’s kid belongs to her but not Agastya; since she is not to blame, she should stay at home and not interfere. A lady addresses Binni as Rashmi. Binni refuses to recognise the woman and drives away, apprehensive. The lady wants to know what happened to Rashmi.

Imlie detects Surya spying on her and approaches him. She believes he is Babu’s lookalike, not Babu. Surya wonders why she’s rambling, babu. Imlie questions whether he is spying on her; he had even barged into her house the other night. Surya tells her to stop all her nonsense or else he will get her arrested.

Imlie then starts walking away, blabbering. (Episode ends)