Imlie Episode Update: Shivani panics seeing Raghu’s dead body; Imlie meets Surya

Episode Update: February 17, 2024.

The episode begins with Shivani panicking upon discovering Raghu’s dead body and claiming he was attempting to molest her, but she did not kill him. Imlie promises her that none of the three will be arrested. Raghu’s wife, Malti, prepares breakfast and impatiently awaits him. Her brother, inspector Surya, insults her by calling her an empty balti/bucket while eating breakfast. She urges him to wait until Raghu arrives.

Imlie digs a hole and buries Raghu. She asks Shivani not to feel guilty because she did not murder him. Surya calls Raghu. Sonali breaks the phone. Malti becomes concerned for Raghu. Surya promises to find Raghu and asks her to trust her inspector brother.


Shivani is still panicking. Daadi and other family members return home. Imlie conceals. Shivani is upset, and Daadi inquires as to why. Sonali tries to calm her down and change the subject. Daadi asks her to allow Shivani to speak. Shivani reveals that someone entered the residence while the family was not present. Daadi wonders who that was.

Imlie walks in and says it’s she; she’s come to grab something. Daadi and Alka ridicule Imlie, labelling her a thief and looter. Sonali encourages them to stop accusing Imlie since he would never steal in this house. They continue to humiliate Imlie. Imlie goes away crying, recalling her promise to Agastya that she would safeguard his family.

Surya enters Imlie’s residence at night and recalls Raghu’s friend telling him that Raghu got into a fight with a food cart girl. Imlie notices him and tackles him, mistaking him for another goon. She takes off his mask, is astonished to see Agastya/doppelganger, and falls.

The next morning, Bulbul wakes her up and asks why she was sleeping on the ground. Imlie claims Agastya arrived last night. She notices that the place is clean. Bulbul explains it’s her fantasy and asks her to accomplish her long-held desire by filling out the 12th exam form today. Imlie agrees.

Chaudhrys perform Tulsi puja in their backyard. Binni observes Daadi’s emotion and asks why. Daadi admits she misses Agastya. Rajni suggests they concentrate on Agastya’s baby. Avinash finds that the ground soil is loose. Sonali nervously claims that the gardener did not do his work properly and that she will criticise him. Avinash sees a hand underground. Shivani panics and says, “yesterday.” Avinash claims it’s a doll’s hand. Rajni claims Govind sent a doll for Agastya’s upcoming baby; perhaps it broke down and someone threw its hand here. Sonali calls Imlie and tells her what has happened. Imlie tells her not to worry and that if anyone comes looking for Raghu, they should blame her.