Imlie Episode Update: Imlie returns to Chaudhry house in disguise

Episode Update: February 20, 2024.

The episode begins with Imlie returning home to find her belongings gone. She questions Pallo Maami, who responds that she has no idea who took it and is unconcerned. Imlie then phones Bulbul and asks if she saw her belongings, which included Agastya Babu’s photo. Bulbul says no. Imlie claims someone took it and goes to the police station to register a report. The inspector inquires as to whether she has returned to cause problems. I believe she came to submit a lost item complaint. Surya walks in. Imlie becomes enraged when she sees him and questions whether he is following her.

Surya claims she is following him instead, and she asks the officer who she is and what she is doing here. The constable says her name is Imlie, and she comes here every day with her husband’s missing complaint. Imlie realises he is the senior inspector and apologises. She then shows him Agastya’s photo and claims he is her babu. Surya claims her baby looks just like him, which is why there was so much confusion. He offers to reopen her baby’s case and assist her. Imlie thanked him and walked away.


Imlie finds her belongings in Surya’s Jeep and confronts him for stealing them. He claims he received it from a thief today. She goes through her belongings and discovers Agastya’s photo is missing. Surya inquires as to what is missing, since she is really concerned. Imlie claims her photo is missing. Surya hands her a photo and asks whether this is the one. Imlie claims he already knew about Babu and was only acting. Surya claims her baby is Chaudhry’s son and explains his plot to ruin the Chaudhrys. Because he resembles Agastya, he will disguise his sister as his sister, his grandmother as his grandmother, and his wife as his wife. Imlie gives him a stiff slap and warns him not to look at his wife.

Surya proposes to marry her and make her his maid. Imlie confronts him again, vowing to eliminate him and go to any length to safeguard the Chaudhry family. Their dispute continues.

Imlie discovers the Chaudhry house auction invitation poster on the wall and contacts Sonali. Sonali explains that this is due to a financial concern. Imlie wonders why she didn’t tell her about it and resolves to go to Chaudhrys to fix their situation. Sonali claims her relatives will not let her into the house. Imlie instructs her to wait and watch. Daadi hires a maid to handle home tasks. Alka wants the government to clarify that their house will be auctioned tomorrow.

Binni tells Daadi that someone is cleaning the backyard. The entire family walks out and notices a woman brooming the floor. Imlie, disguised as a maid with a pallu over her face, does her typical play to impress them before forcefully entering the house and blabbering. She recounts how she plans to serve kachori, gulab jamun, and saunf tea every day. They are tempted and decide to hire her as a maid. Binni notices her tattoo and remarks that Imlie has similar tattoos, prompting her to show her face. Imlie gets tense.

-Episode Ends-