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Hina Khan’s fiancé Rocky Jaiswal discusses how she is coping with her father’s demise

Hina Khan’s fiancé, Rocky Jaiswal, describes her as a strong woman while discussing how she is dealing with the loss of her father.

Rocky Jaiswal, who is preparing to release his critically acclaimed film Lines, in an interview with Hindustan Times, discussed his fiancee, actress Hina Khan and how she dealt with her father’s demise, earlier this year.

Talking about that with Hindustan Times, Rocky, 33 said, “Losing a parent is never easy. I do not think words can ever summarise whatever one goes through. It is the same for everyone. Words will never justify the feeling that one feels after losing a parent. One cannot just fathom how to go ahead of that. (But) she is a strong girl, we have been there with her, and we will be there with her. She would shine like always, with her parents’ blessings.”

Rocky, discussing two sides of Hina that he is familiar with: personal and professional. He said, “I cannot talk on behalf of Hina Khan, but her personal life, and how she is in her personal life, inspires her to do even better in her professional life. And work hard. She is very hard working, because she does not believe in 99%. She needs to give her 100% no matter what it is. Hina is one of the most genuine people I have come across,” via Hindustan Times.

Meanwhile, For the unversed, recently, Hina had expressed her scepticism about getting Rocky Jaiswal to meet her parents. Although, she claimed that once they met, they loved him “more than they loved her.” On that statement, Rocky said, “It is an over exaggeration that her parents love me more. Of course, they love her more. But I do have a certain rapport with them. They are very sweet people,” via Hindustan Times.