Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin PLOT twist: Tension spikes as Savi and Ishaan refuse to perform Pooja as a couple  

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin show is dropping exciting episodes every week and fans are in for all the drama. The love triangle between Savi, Ishaan and Reeva is garnering immense attention from the audience. However, it seems like Ishaan and Savi’s differences are taking a surge. In the upcoming episodes, the couple refuses to perform Pooja as a married couple.

The upcoming episode will showcase Savi going to Reeva’s house and apologising for what she said to her. Savi folds her hands in front of Reeva and requests her to return to the Bhosale house. To which Reeva asserts that she is not the reason she left the house. Reeva has her reasons for leaving.


Reeva also states that Savi’s words have just given her a reality check and she realises how wrong is her presence in the house family. She has taken a decision and will stick to it.

Later on, Ishaan also reaches Reeva’s house and asks Savi to wait outside. He apologizes to Reeva and requests he to come back to the Bhosale house. Reeva however, refuses Ishaan’s offer and says that she just cannot remain his friend and stay in the house. Reeva shared that it is because of her self-esteem that she walked out of the house.

Listening to her reasoning, Ishaan asks Reeva to call him and visit the Bhosale house whenever she feels like it. Reeva promises that she will do the same.

Meanwhile, Savi goes to meet Harini and tells her how she cannot live with Ishaan. She states that is it suffocating for her to live in the Bhosale family.

Akka Saheb goes to Savi’s bedroom and tells her that they need to perform a Pooja as a couple. Savi refuses to perform the Pooja as Akka Saheb doesn’t consider her daughter-in-law. Savi even states, how she and Ishaan doesn’t live like husband and wife. Therefore, there’s no point in performing the Pooja as a couple. Even Ishaan agrees with Savi’s reasoning and he refuses to attend the Pooja ceremony.

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