Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Fans’ requests are fulfilled as IshVi shares a cute moment after so long- See reactions

The next generation season of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin starring Shakti Arora and Bhavika Sharma is in the limelight. The show has been getting positive reviews from the audience for the love triangle angle between Ishaan, Savi and Reeva. Although, from the past week the episodes showcased Ishaan getting rude towards Savi, which was received with mixed responses.

The audience felt that the makers were only focusing on Reeva and Ishaan, and Savi was getting side-lined. However, now it seems like the makers have looked upon fansโ€™ requests as the upcoming episode will feature an adorable scene between Savi and Ishaan.


The upcoming episodes of the show will depict Ishaan caring towards Savi. He will look out for her which indicates some developments in the plot. Ever since the scene went viral, IshVi fans are going ga ga over it. Have a look at the reactions.

It will be interesting to witness how Ishaan and Savi will navigate their feelings and come closer in future. Will Reevaโ€™s presence make it harder for Ishaan to grow closer to Savi? The answers will surely be given in the upcoming episodes.

While todayโ€™s episode will be quite melodramatic, it will showcase Mama Jiโ€™s truth will be revealed in front of the Bhosale family. Most probably the truth will be revealed by Savi, which is related to Anvi. The truth will send shock waves throughout the family and they will be left awestruck.

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