Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein episode update: Savi confronts Durva for misbehaving with her mother

Episode Update: February 17, 2024.

Ishaan informs Savi that there is a room adjacent to his that has a bed, and he will sleep there. Savi asks where the room is. He draws a curtain and reveals his study space. Savi inquires whether he is a Batman who has hidden this secret room from everyone. He then quips that he is a batman who brings his enemies into this room and murders them, before admitting that he was joking and that he will sleep on a recliner. She closes the door. He asks her not to lock it because the door is open from the outside, and he says he will knock if he has to come out. She is resting on the bed. He believes he can’t see her from that position and pulls the recliner. She notices him. He acts as if he is asleep. She turns her back towards him. He relaxes.

She spots him dragging the recliner again, approaches him, and inquires whether he moved the bed forward to keep an eye on him. He pretends to snore before waking up and asking why she entered the room without knocking. She claims he purposely moved the recliner forward to keep an eye on her. He asks her to stop putting herself first and go to bed. Their nok-jhok persists.


The next morning, Durva requests that Asmita give her breakfast. Asmita offers her sabudana vada. Durva claims she will not eat oily foods. In terrible English, Asmita advises her to quit throwing trimtrims /tantrums. Durva abuses her, tosses food in the trash, asks her to cook oats and smoothies for her, and claims she can bear her terrible English but not bad food. Savi walks in and confronts Durva for misbehaving with her mother and asks her to prepare her own food instead of insulting Annapurna.

Durva exclaims that if an uncultured girl teaches her etiquette, she will misbehave with her mother, which is none of Savi’s concern. Surekha enters in support of Durva and asks Savi if an outsider and a guest can teach manners to this family’s daughter. Savi claims that while Surekha forces her guest to undertake home chores and defend the family’s honour, the same guest has the right to teach morals to a misbehaving daughter. Asmita encourages them to stop squabbling and directs Durva to her room, where she will deliver her ordered breakfast. Surekha informs Durva that her mother will bring her food as normal, and she does not need to listen to any strangers.

At college, Reeva walks towards Ishaan’s cabin and finds two students celebrating Valentine’s Day. She walks inside Ishaan’s cabin and inquires whether he called her. He agrees and gives her coffee.