Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein episode update: Ishaan defends Savi, ignoring Surekha’s accusations

Episode Update: February 22, 2024.

Anvi and Durva handle Ishaan and Savi’s reception plans. Surekha watches Savi leave the house and wonders where she is headed. Savi says she is leaving for some vital work. Surekha says she pledged not to leave the house before reception. Savi claims she pledged not to attend college but will not go anywhere else; she does not need to fear because she will not go anywhere where people will recognise her. Surekha yells and verbally abuses her.

Savi goes out, disobeying her orders. Ishaan walks towards Surekha. Surekha says that Savi disobeyed her directives. Ishaan encourages her to calm down because Savi must have gone to see her sister. Surekha explains that she was ordering her at her own house. Ishaan then tries to calm her down.


Savi attends an interview at a restaurant where the interviewer advises candidates that they will get 12 hours for an 8-hour duty with just a 10-minute break, no leaves, a salary reduction for coming late or taking a crockery break, etc., and probation day today. Three candidates backed out, citing lower pay and stricter requirements. Savi takes the job.

The interviewer takes her inside the restaurant and demonstrates how to deal with customers. He introduces her to her superior and instructs her to follow her commands without thinking. The senior teaches her the rules and her job.

Ishaan prepares notes for Savi. Professor Paranjpe enters and inquires if he is giving any exams. Ishaan asks if she needs anything. Paranjpe says she came to give him an inspection report and inquires about the book he is studying. He mentions a business book titled Mind Your Own Business. Paranjpe apologises and goes. Ishaan then calls Savi. Savi, who is busy responding to customers, declines his phone and sends a message stating that she is busy and will contact him when she returns home. The interviewer hires Savi after observing her hard work.

Yash inquires of Nishikanth whether the reception guest list has been prepared. Nishi claims he invited all of the prominent visitors. Yash warns them to be cautious, and he plans to pitch investors on the new college during the event. Nishi informs him that he has created a presentation for their new medical college and asks him to check. Yashwant says to let Ishaan handle the presentation because he will be leading the new medical college. Nishi claims Ishaan will be busy in reception. Yashwant says Ishaan will be responsible for everything in the future.

Nishi feels insulted but follows his directions. Savi’s senior is impressed with her work and gives her sandwiches when the shift ends. Savi adores sandwiches. Senior thinks Savi appears to come from a respectable family and wants her to share her story. Savi says she needs the job to pay for her college fees.

-Episode Ends-