EXCLUSIVE: BJP’s MP Ravi Kishan on his new TV show, ‘I am not in Politics to earn, my primary job is always Acting’

Ravi Kishan along with Manoj Tiwari and Sapna Choudhary will be seen in a new crime based serial “Mauka-E-Vardaat.”

From 9th March 2021, &TV is coming up with a weekday crime series named ‘Mauka-E-Vardaat.’ In this series, actor Ravi Kishan, singer Manoj Tiwari and Haryanvi dancer Sapna Choudhary will be seen unraveling the mysteries from the world of crime.

Ravi Kishan is an active politician of Bhartiya Janta Party and Member of Parliament from Gorakhpur constituency of Uttar Pradesh. Kishan also raised the issue of alleged ‘drug nexus of Bollywood’ in Parliament during the SSR case.


In an interaction with him, Chirag Jha of Business Upturn asks Kishan that how he manage his political and acting life at the same time. In respond, Ravi Kishan says, “I am not in Politics to earn anything, I am in politics only to serve for people. My primary job is always Acting and that’s the reason why I am still involve in it.”

“I think that I am pretty good in managing various things at a time. As I am among those few actors who worked in all the three industries Bollywood, Bhojpuri and South,” Ravi Kishan adds.

“I would also like to mention one thing that my acting has never affected to my Political life. From Uttar Pradesh, I am one of the most consistent MP in the Lok Sabha who attends almost every session. Also, I have asked highest number of questions there,” Ravi Kishan further tells.

Talking about his new TV show, Kishan says, “We are coming with this crime series to make people aware about crimes, thing that make the show different from other crime shows on television is that we will not only show viewers the crime stories but we will also show them the way through which they can come out from such situations.”

Produced by RaviRaj Creations, Hemant Prabhu Studioz, A&I Productions and Spacewalkker Films, ‘Mauka-E-Vardaat’ will premiere on March 9, 2021 at 7:00 pm on &TV and will air every Monday to Friday.