Ekta Kapoor to produce Indian remake of popular Pakistani drama ‘Tere Bin?’ Here’s what we know

Tere Bin, starring Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi, earned tremendous popularity in India because of its plot and the on-screen chemistry of its key performers.

Fans all around the world are eagerly expecting the sequel to the iconic Pakistani drama ‘Tere Bin’. However, anticipation for Tere Bin season 2 has taken an unexpected turn, with rumours revealing preparations for an Indian version of the popular show.

While fans around the world eagerly anticipate the continuation of the original series, Indian television queen Ekta Kapoor is apparently collaborating with Colours TV to produce a remake.


‘Tere Bin,’ starring Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi, became extremely famous in India due to its relatable plot and on-screen chemistry between the two actors. The remake is set to be released in July 2024, with Kanika Mann and Ayesha Singh playing the key roles. The drama’s title has not been revealed yet.

Tere bin remake
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This announcement has elicited conflicting emotions from supporters. Many people are excited to see a new adaptation, while others are sceptical of the Indian version’s approach. Ekta Kapoor’s reputation for melodramatic and lomg television programmes has raised concerns among netizens that ‘Tere Bin’ may devolve into another long soap opera with old plot cliches.

As conversations over the remake continue, fans are both curious and concerned about how the renowned Pakistani drama would be reinvented for Indian audiences. The next few months will indicate whether the adaptation matches the original’s appeal or takes a different dramatic turn.