DD Kisan introduces AI anchors for 9th anniversary celebration

In a first for the channel, Doordarshan’s agricultural focused channel DD Kisan will celebrate its ninth anniversary with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiative. DD Kisan will launch its two new reporters with pride on May 26. These AI anchors, or “readers”, in DG Shastri’s words, would make the channel the first government TV service to bring artificial intelligence creatives onboard.

According to government sources, these AI anchors are equipped to deliver news tirelessly, 24/7, 365 days a year, without succumbing to fatigue. Their role extends beyond conventional news reporting; they will offer insights into the latest agricultural research, global trends, market updates from mandis, weather forecasts, and details on government schemes.


One of the remarkable features of these anchors is their multilingual capability, with the ability to communicate fluently in 50 languages. This ensures that crucial information reaches farmers and viewers across diverse linguistic backgrounds.

DD Kisan, launched on May 26, 2015, has been a vital source of information for farmers, providing updates on weather fluctuations, local and global market dynamics, and other essential agricultural news. As it enters its ninth year, DD Kisan reaffirms its commitment to serving the agricultural and rural communities by leveraging cutting-edge technology to disseminate relevant and timely information.