“You can never be prepared for a show like this” says Meisha Iyer just before entering the Bigg Boss 15 house

Miesha Iyer: “I wouldn’t say I am well prepared because you can never be prepared for a show like this.”

Miesha Iyer, who is presently seen in Bigg Boss 15, is by all accounts going gaga for contestant Ieshaan Sehagal. Anyway, audience doesn’t think that it is genuine. In a recent interview,  Splitsvilla contestant Bhavya Singh, who was Miesha’s friend at a certain point says the romance is fake. Bhavya as of late told us, “I can guarantee that this love story between Ieshaan and Meisha is fake.”

Now it’s intriguing to take a gander at what Miesha had to say not long before going into the Bigg Boss house. In a meeting, she told that she intends to be real in the house. All things considered, is she being genuine or is she faking a romance.. that is something the truth will surface eventually.


Recently Miesha had likewise spoken with regards to how she felt just before entering the BB house.  “I have done two reality shows previously and before doing every show, I always feel jumpy. I don’t know if my earlier experience of doing reality shows will help me in BB15 because every show has different contestants and a different format. So, this will be a new experience for me. I wouldn’t say I am well prepared because you can never be prepared for a show like this. And viewers have certain expectations from me because they have seen me in other shows. So yes that is added pressure on me,” she had said.

Talking about her journey in showbiz, she said, “I have always embraced whatever has come my way. Before doing Ace of Space, I was just another struggling model in Mumbai and when that show came my way, I embraced it with open arms. Whatever comes my way in life, I happily accept.”