Team Rubina feels Kavita Kaushik is biased, Eijaz says she got two chances to say what she feels against Aly Goni

In a recent Masala clip, Team Rubina talk about Kavita Kaushik being biased in the task.

In Bigg Boss, every task changes equations between the housemates. Old friendships are torn apart while new friendship develops. In a recent Extra Masala clip, Pavitra Punia, Abhinav Shukla, Eijaz Khan, and Rubina Dilaik a.k.a ‘Team Rubina’ sit together and praises Bigg Boss for giving them such a wonderful and eye-opening task.

The clip begins with Pavitra saying that after Bigg Boss, she will be visiting her village as the task makes her recall a memory of living in the village. Eijaz praises Bigg Boss for giving them such a task. Abhinav says, “Agar aise hi hum apne mudhe par ladte hue yaha se jaaye toh aacha hoga.”


Eijaz explains why he felt the task is really good. He says, “Kavitaji ko do mauke diye gaye the, unka paksh rakhne ke liye, par voh idhar udhar kuch bhi bolne lagi.” He further adds, “Ab dekha jaayegi ki jitne mudhe voh utha rahi hai, Aly ke against kitne fake hai,” he exclaims loudly, “kya task hai, Bigg Boss.” Pavitra enthusiastically agrees with Eijaz.

Later, Rubina enters the conversation. Pavitra adds to Eijaz’s comment and says that now it show that Kavita Kaushik‘s issues with Aly were real or fake. Eijaz repeats everything to Abhinav and says that Kavita as a captain, missed a chance of speaking up against Aly but she was quiet and got biased. He adds, “Agar voh nahi hoti, agar voh sach barabar se bolti, voh tiki rehti.”

Pavitra, while having eye contact with Eijaz and eyeing at Rubina, says that the task is written to read the minds of other people. Eijaz disagrees with her comment and says, “Kal hi malum pad gaya tha, itna bolne ke baad.” He further enacts Kavita,” Dekho aisa aisa, vaisa vaisa hai.” Eijaz was shocked by Kavita’s words. Rubina adds that she changes in like 5 minutes.

Later in the conversation, Pavitra says that the day Kavita saved Eijaz from nominations that day she understood her entire game plan. Eijaz tries to justify but Rubina and Pavitra tell him not to trust Kavita. Rubina further adds that Kavita has backstabbed numerous times.