Pratik Sehajpal’s sister opens up on Jay Bhanushali’s abusive behaviour in BB15

Pratik’s sister Prerna Sehajpal says Jay has to stop targeting Pratik.

Big Boss’ new season is getting into flow with lots of controversy and fight. In a recent episode of Bigg Boss 15, Pratik was mocked and abused by actor Jay Bhanushali.

Pratik’s sister Prerna Sehajpal spoke about Pratik’s journey inside the Bigg Boss house so far, “Pratik has been very passionate about all the reality shows that he has done so far. By being like that I mean that when he gets angry or gets too emotional, things get out of his control. Especially when it comes to his mother, he is quite sensitive. Kisi ko bhi agar maa ki gaali di jayegi toh I think that person will react in the same manner. Though I think he could have got hurt when for the first time Jay abused him and he banged the glass window, he should control his anger, we all feel. It was just action ka reaction with him,” she shared.


She said: “Both my mom and I were crying seeing Pratik like that. We couldn’t watch the whole episode and left it midway. Mom was emotional seeing Pratik like that. He is a very strong person but he doesn’t shy away from showing his emotions on national television. It is okay for boys to cry! Jay is provoking him as he has got to know his weak point. And since, after Salman sir advised him to control his anger, he is the recent episode had hit himself only. I know for many using maa ki gaali might be normal but for Pratik, it is not. He doesn’t abuse nor is he used to be abused. He takes that abuse literally and reacts like that. That’s how he has been brought up. Jay has to stop targeting Pratik.”

Pratik was additionally scolded by the host Salman Khan after he opened the screws of the lock from outside while Vidhi Pandya was bathing inside.

“I am grateful that a lot of people, both fans and celebrities outside, have pointed this out that whenever we take a shower we close the door from inside and not outside. And Pratik and Nishant (Bhat) unscrewed the lock from outside while the door was locked from inside. Pratik always knew that a lock can not be opened from outside. But unfortunately, the whole situation was turned against him,” she said, adding, “Salman Khan didn’t take Pratik’s side. But he didn’t abuse him personally, he just used those words to give an example to others. I haven’t watched Bigg Boss ever so I don’t know how this show works. I can’t give any judgment on him. But yes, I am waiting for this Weekend Ka Var to see what Salman Khan has to say to Jay Bhanushali. Pratik idolizes Salman Khan so he will now not do anything against his advice.”