Neha Bhasin shows her support for Shamita Shetty against age shaming in Bigg Boss 15

Neha Bhasin on age shaming against Shamita Shetty in BB 15: It happens more to women than men.

Neha Bhasin was one of the most discussed contestants in Bigg Boss OTT. After that finished, Neha has been following Bigg Boss 15 whenever she gets time. Albeit a ton of fights and controversies in the house get featured the new one to catch everybody’s eye was the one where Shamita Shetty was age shamed. Neha was seen supporting Shamita and surprisingly put up a post for her. In a recent interview, she opened up with regards to this whole scene.

Neha Bhasin spoke to Times Of India and said, “I see the show in bits and pieces, and sometimes my fan pages tag me on some things. I am in touch with Shamita’s mother, too. I keep myself updated on what’s happening in Bigg Boss 15.” Opening up about the age-shaming on the show Neha said, “Firstly, we are told that we are all equal in the show. So, it shouldn’t matter whether a person is 20 or 40. But people’s ages are regularly brought up. If one wants to focus on age, then this platform is not for those people. I feel that age shaming happens more to women than men. I saw Shamita getting age-shamed on BB OTT, too. People would call her Chachi and that she had reached a mother’s age. In BB 15, she was called aunty by Karan Kundrra. Others say such things as well.”


She also added, “I don’t appreciate such age-shaming comments, which is why I addressed the issue on my social media handle. Even when I had come out of the BB OTT house, I was called aunty, dadi, buddhi, tharki, etc. Why people would use such words to age shame me is strange. When we were kids, we used to call our elder’s aunt and uncle out of respect.”