Miesha & Ieshaan’s love story in BB15 is totally fake says Splitsvilla contestant Bhavya Singh

Splitsvilla contestant Bhavya Singh claims “Pratik and Meisha are playing together and he has told her to create this love story.”

Miesha Iyer, who’s right now in the Bigg Boss 15 house, is falling in love with fellow contestant Ieshaan Sehgal. The audience is wondering if their connection is genuine or fake.

When asked Bhavya Singh, who has been a friend of Meisha in the past when they did the reality show Splitsvilla, said, “I love watching Bigg Boss but since the time Meisha has entered the show, I don’t feel like watching it. I don’t like the way she is playing the game. I skip the parts when she comes on screen because I really get irritated watching her. I expected a better game from her. I want to watch the show because I want to see how Karan Kundrra and Umar Riaz are performing in the house.”


Bhavya feels that Ieshaan and Meisha’s romantic tale is fake. Discussing the duo, she says, “I don’t hate Meisha and I have been a good friend to her. But she is very clever and she knows how to use people. I don’t know about Ieshaan, maybe he has been advised to do maybe he is innocent and doesn’t understand this reality show. Once Ieshaan is out of the house, Meisha won’t be able to play at all. Because her only game is to create love triangles because she can’t play the game solo. I feel she’s playing dirty and unfortunately, in playing her game, the guy may be out of the house soon. I can guarantee that this love story between Ieshaan and Meisha is fake. Pratik Sehajpal and Meisha are playing their game.”

She added, “Pratik and Meisha are playing together and he has told her to create this love story. People were expecting to see Meisha and Pratik together but Pratik is very smart and knows how to play well. I like his game but Meisha is stupid to understand that.”