Bigg Bosss 15: Neha Bhasin admits to her insecurities about her own voice

In an Extra Masala clip of Bigg Boss 15, Neha Bhasin opens up about insecurities regarding her own voice.

Bigg Boss is not only a series of tasks, survival, controversies. It has also become a series of agreements, inspirations and at times, insecurities. In an Extra Masala clip shared by Voot, Neha Bhasin was seen admitting to her insecurities regarding her own voice.

In the clip of Bigg Boss 15, Neha can be seen sitting with Karan Kundra and Tejasswi Prakash in the dining area where Karan began the conversation by telling them about an incident where his tonsils were removed when he was in the 5th class, which made his voice become a little coarse as compared to his family members. At this point, Neha admits to not liking her speaking voice and says, “I do not like my speaking voice. It changes when I sing but not when I speak normally. I have a very rough speaking voice. It used to be heavier when I was a child.” Neha then continued as she started telling about an incident from her school days as she said, “I was in 7th standard when I had a crush on a senior from 12th standard, who apparently liked me back. One day, he approached me in the library and shared greetings with me. The moment I said ‘Hi’ back, he said ‘what a sweet face and a manly voice.’ and I was so embarrassed. Then he said that he has a soft corner for me. Hearing this, my friend and I started looking for the definition of ‘soft corner’ but we could not find it.”


Neha then continued by saying, “I understood after a long time that he meant that he had a crush on me. But people have made a lot of fun of my speaking voice when I was younger.”