Bigg Boss14: “Rahul Vaidya Matters” and “Bring Back Nikki Tamboli” trends after their exists

After Nikki Tamboli’s eviction and Rahul Vaidya’s exit surfaced on social media, fans got shocked and demanded to bring them back in the show and also raised voice over ‘unfair eviction’.

Since the news of Rahul Vaidya’s and Nikki Tamboli’s exit from Bigg Boss14 surfaced on social media, fans got shocked and also raised voice over ‘unfair eviction’. Fans expressed their disagreement with the makers of Bigg Boss 14, and started trending ‘Bring back Nikki Tamboli’ and ‘Rahul Vaidya Matters’ after their shocking eviction.

The eviction of Nikki Tamboli from the show is undoubtedly the most unexpected moment for her fans. On the Weekend Ka Vaar Finale episode, she kept crying incessantly when Salman Khan told her journey in Bigg Boss 14 house has finally comes to an end. Even Rahul Vaidya and Eijaz Khan were not able to hold their tears as they clasped her for the last time before walking out from the main door.


Her fans were disappointed to see their favorite contestants quit the show. They began trending on Twitter to appreciate her performance as ‘Nikki is our winner’. In fact, all the housemates didn’t expect her expulsion.

On the other hand, Salman Khan took things in his hands, he asked Rahul Vaidya why is he not showing the spirit to win the show and becoming a finalist. He inquired Rahul, who admitted that he was very disappointed. Nikki also said Rahul’s performance was not up to the mark.

Salman asks Rahul to quit the show as he didn’t perform in the last act and was not even prompted to be a part of it.
Salman asked, “Rahul, itni ich hai nahi ab rehne ki”, Salman also pointed out his “Lack of enthusiasm and lack of interest in the show”.

At the point, Rahul says that he wanted to elaborate the reason but Salman interprets him and replied, “Iski jarurat nahi hai, Please leave Rahul”. Rahul then made a voluntary exit from the show.

Rahul Vaidya’s and Nikki Tamboli’s eviction shocked the fans. Fans have also started questioning the unfair eviction and are making efforts to bring back both of them in Bigg Boss 14.