Bigg Boss14: Kavita Kaushik shares her experience of meeting Dev Anand, reveals Salman Khan’s family invites her for gatherings

In a recent Extra Masala Clip, Kavita recalls the moment when she met the superstar actor Dev Anand and she also shares her popularity as the ‘Female Cop’ role.

The clip begins with Kavita Kaushik recollecting the moment when she met Dev Anand in an airport. She tells Rahul that once she saw Dev Anand in an airport, after which Dev Anand’s secretary comes to her and tells her that the superstar Dev Anand wants to met her. She explains the incident that when she went to met him he asks, ‘you’re the cop?’ at which she replied ‘yes, sir’. He apraises her ‘very good’.
Kavita joyfully express her happiness.

Then Rahul asks ‘aur batao…aur aise kaise kaise legends’.
Kavita tells that even Salman Khan also calls her on food, and his father ‘Salim sir’ also calls her. Later she added the whole family of Salman invited her and joins her.
Rahul then asks ‘toh aap gaye’ at which Kavita replied ‘several times’.
Kavita then recalls an incident about Salman’s father ‘Mr. Salim’. She expresses that once she was hosting some event in Gujarat where Salim Khan came as a chief guest, at that time ‘Drone’ had newly arrived in market so not everyone knew about it. Therefore, when Salim Khan asked her about that ‘Drone’ then she smartly went to him and started explaining about it.