Bigg Boss14: Jasmin personifies her doll to be Aly, Rahul teases

In Bigg Boss14 house we all are evident about Aly Goni’s and Jasmin Bhasin’s friendship goals, their bond and love for each other. We can see them fighting, caring for each other and also giving nicknames to each other. In a Recent Extra Masala clip Jasmin Bhasin is seen resembling Aly Goni as her doll, her cute doll. Rahul Vaidya makes fun of it.


The clip begins with Rahul Vaidya teases Jasmin and Aly that should he leave if they started their ‘Doll Woll’ things. Rahul is specially taunting Jasmin beacause she’s calling Aly Goni as her ‘Doll’.

At first Aly ignores Rahul’s taunt and says that he’s feeling hot but Rahul didn’t stopped teasing and continues ‘han doll woll ka ho toh pehle hi bata dena main chala jaunga’.Aly replied he didn’t like thi.

Jasmin then cutely says ‘Doll bolne me kya hai…hai wo mera Doll…pyar se, somebody i love,cute’.

Rahul then mocks Jasmin ‘so respect dolls nah?’.

So?? He is my doll’ Jasmin hits back, ‘so cute cute dolls jiske gaal kheech me maza aata hai’ resembling Aly Goni’s cheeks.

Rahul taunts Jasmin, refers Aly Goni as dolls and says ‘iss tarah ki dolls hogi nh duniya me toh baccho ka vishwas uth jaega..bacche chor denge dolls k saath khelna’.

Jasmin supports Aly and says that the world yearns for doll like Aly.

Rahul make fun of her words and again teases her. Jasmin get offended after Rahul words and continuously supports Aly, and says he is cute like dolls and even added that he even Aly plays with her sister’s kids and looks so adorable.

Rahul then replied making fun of Aly that ‘han to mamu jaan hai nah.. definitely bht accha mamu hoga lekin doll bolegi toh dolls ke upar se duniya ka vishwas uth jaega’.

Jasmin then jokingly scold him that ‘tumhari soch h…apni soch apne pass rakho…Aly mera doll hai samjhe??’ at which Rahul shows ‘Thums Up’.

Jasmin continuously says that she will call Aly as her doll and pokes Rahul. Rahul didn’t replied anything and keep showing her ‘Thums up’.