Bigg Boss14: Jasmin Bhasin dislikes Aly Goni’s cooking skills, forbids him to enter kitchen, he forcefully tries to help her

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Aly Goni extends a helping hand to cook but Jasmin Bhasin refuses to seek his help.

The clip starts with Jasmin cooking Phulkas and Aly Goni asks if he could help her but she refuses. Then Aly Goni started to make phulkas himself to help her but Jasmin forbids him to do it.
Aly questions her why she isn’t allowing him to make the phulkas,she laughs at him and replied that she doesn’t likes his cooking skills.

After that, Aly playfully insists on helping her in making the Phulkas. She tries to holds him from doing that and he replied that she can cook for herself but let him cook for everyone.


When Aly was cooking Phulkas Jasmine asked him to cook “tameez se…pyar se…warna…”, at which Aly replied “warna kya karlegi tu” and also added that he can cook better phulkas than her.