Bigg Boss14: Eijaz Khan to cut down carbs and plans workout routine

As we all are the evident of the fact that in Bigg Boss house, the contestants either lose weight or gains. In a recent Extra Masala clip Eijaz Khan is seen to planning for a diet and to cut down carbs and starts a workout routine as he feels he gains some weight.

The clip begins with Eijaz Khan swimming in the pool. After sometime Eijaz tells Abhinav that from now onwards he would’ve zero carbs.


Abhinav Shukla laughs at Eijaz as he feels it’s impossible.

Eijaz says ‘Hass matt…parantha ka ek chota sa bite liya hai maine subah bas’,Abhinav replies ‘then it’s not zero’.

Eijaz wants to prove himself that yes he can do and says ‘its almost zero’.

We all know the ‘Philosopher Abhinav’.So, Abhinav tried to make Eijaz understand that zero carbs intake is impossible as many foods contains carbs maybe little, and they are the good carbs.

But it seems that Eijaz didn’t want to lose the argument and wants to prove himself, so he annoyingly says ‘shukla you are a baal ki khaal’ referring to Abhinav Shukla.

Later Eijaz started showing his swimming skills at which Nikki Tamboli asks him ‘tum itna fast krte ho swimming?’. Eijaz replied confidently ‘aata hai mereko’.Nikki then asks ‘back stroke bhi kr lete ho?’

Abhinav then inform them that he teaches swimming to Nishant Malkhani and Naina Singh in two days.
Ejiaz keep continuing showing his swimming skills and later Rahul Vaidya comes and joins him.