Bigg Boss14: Eijaz confess that he found peace of mind with the help of GOD

We all have learned something this lockdown, some of us made peace with something, some learned few new skills. For most of us keeping ourselves sane being locked was the only motive. In a recent Extra Masala clip Eijaz Khan is seen confessing that he found peace inside himsepf with help of GOD.

The clip starts with Eijaz’s confession to Abhinav about how he has found peace inside himself with the help of God. How the prayers have made him a better person and he is completely free of his arrogance. He regret how he used to think that nothing is above him, he’s the best, but that not it.


Eijaz says how he feels pity on other housemates about how they laugh on others and other’s ideas. They don’t even listen to other because they think they are superior to other’s, filled with arrogance. He feels how lucky and blessed he is to have come to this point of life.

Abhinav agrees and condemns the non-learning attitude of persons around. But world is made of all sorts of people.