Bigg Boss14: Aly Gony mocks Jasmin Bhasin, “Ho gaya auto start”

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Aly Goni goofs around Jasmin Bhasin and tries to pull her legs in an attempt to crack her along with other housemates.

The clip starts with Aly Goni come from gym and put his steps towards Jasmin at which Jasmin says “pasine waala mere pass ana mat ganda” Aly says “pasina sukh gaya hai”.
Jasmin then questions him that, today he was about to spend whole day at gym then he replied “nahi kiya thak gaya main”.

Jasmin says she told him not to do gym as he is ill. On Jasmin’s concern Aly replied “ho gaya auto start” and then suddenly hold her leg and started pulling around and make sound “bhrum..bhrum”.


Jasmin tries to stop him but he couldn’t, so to get rid of her leg Jasmin playfully calls Aly as ‘neech’ ‘lichad’.
Aly then playfully shouts ‘mujhe neech bola’.