Bigg Boss OTT: Divya Aggarwal gets nominated on the very first day, fights fiercely with Prateek Sahajpal

Prateek Sahajpal started Bigg Boss OTT in a wrong way with most of the female contestants. Except Bhojpuri star Akshara Singh, none of them liked him as their connection.

Bigg Boss OTT had started Karan Johar as the host of Bigg Boss OTT and he also introduced all the contestants at the premiere. But model and reality star Pratik Sehajpal was such a contestant who messed with almost every girl who came on stage.

Host Karan Johar gave the contestants a chance to choose a partner under the theme “Stay Connected”. Divya Agarwal was the second last contestant in the show. Riddhima Pandit came as the last girl on the show after Divya. And among the boys, Karan Nath was the last survivor. Divya and Riddhima had to choose between Karan Nath.


Both the girls had to woo Karan. After doing this, Karan chose Riddhima and thus Divya was left alone. Karan Johar said that Divya will be nominated for this week. He asks Divya to win over the audience and save herself from being eliminated.

Bigg Boss has sent the full clothes of the girls and their respective connections have to help them get the clothes. Divya and Prateek get into an argument, where Divya says that she doesn’t need the show. As soon as Divya Aggarwal came to the Bigg Boss house, she talks with Prateek Sahajpal about their conversation on the stage and they start quarrelling.

On this Divya Aggarwal gets bifurcated and abuses him. She crosses all limits. On which Prateek Sahajpal throws his food plate on the ground. The atmosphere in the house has been heated on the very first day.