Bigg Boss OTT 2: Uorfi Javed enters BB house

Uorfi casts doubt on Jiya’s friendship loyalty and suggests that she switched allegiances out of convenience. Then she addresses her as “Thali Ka Baingan.”

A morning wake-up song opens the Bigg Boss OTT 2 August 8, 2023 (Day 52) show. Bebika appears energised as she wows the audience with her dance moves in the garden.

The other competitors appear a little lethargic in the early hours.


Mixed opinions about Manisha

Manisha’s performance is discussed by Bebika and Pooja. Pooja points out that Manisha has been constant in her behaviour, whether it has been favourable or negative.

Excitement & Entry of Uorfi Javed

When Uorfi Javed enters, the house bell rings, igniting a flurry of excitement among the competitors.

Observations and Conversations of Uorfi

Uorfi Javed calls Abhishek “a cute guy” and makes fun of him in front of Pooja. She looks for inspiration for the Bigg Boss house-related final costume. Uorfi addresses Bebika’s provocative behaviour and counsels her to forgive Elvish, stressing that he truly apologised.

Elvish offers Uorfi his costume suggestion of a black horse, signifying his defiance of authority. Uorfi, who recognises Abhishek’s complexity, mockingly labels him as both an angel and a devil.

She suggests Jiya switched allegiances out of convenience and casts doubt on her commitment to friendships. Then she addresses her as “Thali Ka Baingan.” Elvish, who Uorfi asks for fashion advice from, says she would look nice in a salwar-suit.

Predictions for the winner and touching moments

The discussion regarding probable winners is then started by Uorfi Javed, and Abhishek Malhan receives the majority of the votes. When Abhishek and Pooja are seen sharing a tender moment, the YouTuber expresses his desire to have Pooja’s aura when he turns 40.

Manisha’s actions spark debates among the other housemates on how she treats herself in romantic relationships. As Abishek continues to tease and torment Bebika as usual, the Bigg Boss OTT 2 episode from August 8 comes to a close.