Bigg Boss OTT 2: Pooja Bhatt to leave the show like Sajid Khan in BB16 and won’t be a part of season’s finale? Deets inside

Bigg Boss OTT’s new season has started, and it’s doing incredibly well. Pooja Bhatt may not participate in the finale and she may be booted out in advance, according to the latest news.

The second season of Bigg Boss OTT is performing remarkably well and has been dubbed a blockbuster season. The fact the candidates contribute so much content to the broadcast is one of the causes.

Finally, we did see Salman Khan expose Manisha’s game on the Weekend Ka Vaar episode and tell her how wrong she is going and that she should recognise that she is going wrong and should focus on herself.


Jiya was also informed by him that adding soap into Elvish’s drinking water was wrong and that this could not be tolerated.

We also witnessed Falaq Naaz’s elimination from the show at the conclusion due to insufficient viewership.

Pooja Bhatt has persevered ever since. Additionally, she served on the show’s panel and emerged from the start as a formidable competitor.

We have observed how all of the competitors look up to and admire her, and how the viewers of the programme like her game.

She currently serves as the house’s captain, and she has the cooperation of all the residents.

Pooja won’t be in the show’s finale, according to sources, and there’s a potential they’ll get rid of her the same way Sajid did just one or two weeks before the show’s conclusion, though there’s no proof of that.

Pooja Bhatt has frequently been heard stating, “Mein yaha aur 2 hafte hi hu,” which has led to rumours that she may leave the show early.

All of the roommates get along well, but Pooja is especially close to Bebika, and perhaps it’s because of her that the latter has become more compliant.