Bigg Boss OTT 2 – 24 HR Live Channel: Family members join the BB house via a unique fun task that the contestants must complete

The show’s conclusion is only two weeks away, and the new season is performing remarkably. The family members will now participate in the family week this week and enter through a task.

The second season of Bigg Boss OTT is performing remarkably well and has been dubbed a blockbuster season. The fact the candidates contribute so much content to the broadcast is one of the causes.

The family week, where the families of the contestants visit and offer them an insight into how they are performing and they feel emotional after they see them after so many days, is one of the episodes besides “Weekend Ka Vaar” that audience and fans wait to watch.


The contestants’ family members will be appearing on the show this week, as we had previously reported, although they are not aware of it.

According to the live broadcast, they would arrive during the Bigg Boss task in which he turned the Bigg Boss house into a hotel and the visitors would be the family members.

Each member of the family would participate in the task and might be given extraordinary abilities in the show.

The competitor will break down after meeting their family members, there is no doubt that the programme will be an emotional one.

Currently on the Bigg Boss 24 HR Live Channel, Avinash Sachdev’s mother Pooja Sachdev has entered the house.

Salman Khan scolded Elvish for using inappropriate language to describe women and girls last week during the “Weekend Ka Vaar” episode. He was angry that Abhishek and Manisha supported Elvish and didn’t speak up against what he was saying was inappropriate.

Additionally, we witnessed how his mother appeared on the programme, clarified the situation, and wished him luck on the programme.

As per usual, Bebika also had to deal with Salman Khan’s wrath because of her poor behaviour during the week, including touching Manisha and using foul language.