Bigg Boss: Fans shower all their love on Umar Riaz as they trend “Umar Riaz The Boss” on Twitter

Umar Riaz is a doctor and an entertainer and fans are standing like an army for him.

Bigg Boss house has fights every now and then be it physical or verbal fights. One such fight was picked up between Vishal Kotian and Umar Riaz as Vishal made statements of his profession. Vishal teases 106-206 bones to Umar and he kept a full-stop to this and warned Vishal not to speak anything on his profession as he does not know that what it becomes to become a doctor, a struggle of 10 years.

Umar Riaz is a surgeon doctor by profession and later came to the reality show to follow his dreams. After this whole scenario, fans are standing by Umar and are calling him the Boss. Umar is not in the Top 5 and is currently in the danger-zone as well after the press decided Top 5. Fans are showering all the support to him, one of the tweets read,” #UmarRiaz is HEART OF BIGG BOSS! Not only he deserves to be in top 5 but #BiggBoss15 trophy belongs to him.” Have a look at the tweets here: 


There are no two ways that during the pandemic doctors were the real life saviors and saying something about their profession is not funny. Doctors had worked 24/7 and were away from their families to protect other’s lives.