Bigg Boss 17 Unseen Undekha: Vicky Jain reveals his fondness of being talkative to Mannara Chopra; says, “It is self entertainment”

Vicky Jain shares his fondness for being talkative with Mannara Chopra, emphasizing the enjoyment in connecting with others.

The latest Bigg Boss 17 Unseen Undekha video clip shows Vicky Jain sharing to Mannara Chopra that he is fond of being talkative. He also explains the benefits while recalling a previous incident.

The Unseen Undekha video clip opens with Mannara and Vicky talking about fondness in the kitchen area. When Vicky expresses his fondness of being talkative.


He being with saying, “Mast cheez hoti hai pata hai agar aap talkative hote ho. Aap bahut enjoy karte ho life mein, jab aap khud bahut baat karte ho toh aap samne wale sae baat karte ho and woh bhi enjoy karta hai. It is a self entertainment.”

Mannara then points out how she has met people who take time to open up to them. She points out how it is very difficult for her to make bond with them. She said, “Unko open up hone pe itna time lag Jatan hai ki mujhe aisa lgta hai mein duty par hu.”

Vicky explained that thus because some people are not very talkative in nature and to cover up that gap, we as the talkative fraction have to converse extra just to open them up. Mannara agrees and points out how she is feels like sleeping with such people but also points out how it is the same for them if they talk too much.

Mannara talks about her experience in the meetings how they have been talking with everyone and forgot to do the actual work just because they bonding with each other bantering having fun.