Bigg Boss 17 Unseen Undekha: Vicky Jain reveals about Sana Raees Khan’s complains about Samarth Jurel; latter replies, “Mein tere taraf sa hu and tu mere pe chadh rahi hai”

Sana Raees Khan playfully teased Vicky Jain about his fascination with her dishwashing skills. Vicky later spilled the beans, sharing Sana’s complaints about Samarth allegedly bullying her.

In the recent Bigg Boss 17 Unseen Undekha video clip, evicted contestant Sana Raees Khan was seen making fun of Vicky Jain. She was seen complaining about his obsession with her dishwashing skills to Samarth Jurel. Check out their candid yet heated conversation.

This Unseen Undekha video clip opens with Vicky Jain sitting on the sofa where Sana Raees Khan and Firoza Khan are lounging. This can be seen in the garden area near the poolside. Seeing Vicky trying to chat with her and her group, she asks, “Why are you so obsessed? Like aap woh toli chorke yaha aake beithe hai.”


Vicky answers, “Hogya waha and yaha mujhe meri khas dost mujhe leti dikhayi di toh turant immediately…jahan  mujhe pyaar dikhayi deta hai waha mein khicha chala aata hu.” Sana then seemingly irritated replies back, “Hume nai hai interest.” Someone from the group taunts, “Aap as dish wash karne jaaye.” This remark was of the time when Vicky criticised Sana for her lack of kitchen skills, especially dishwashing.

Samarth is then seen entering the scene. Sana then complains about Vicky to him. Vicky trying to explain to Sana retorts back, “Bartan ko hath sae dhona is super easy and koi toh chahiye na.” Sana not taking any of it starts singing, “Bartan majiye” repeatedly making Vicky laugh.

Vicky then reveals how Sana used to complain about Samarth to him saying, “Yeh bully karta tha mujhe.” Sana is then seen denying it and saying that it Vicky who complains constantly and not the other way around. Samarth then replies, “Mein tere taraf sae bol rah hu and tu mere pe chardh rahi hai.”