Bigg Boss 17 Unseen Undekha: Samarth Jurel claims Vicky Jain instigates fights between contestants; says, “Woh sabko bhadkata hai”

Samarth Jurel analyzes Vicky’s gameplay, noting his tendency to overthink, divert conversations for convenience, and instigate conflicts among contestants as per the Bigg Boss 17 Unseen Undekha clip.

In the most recent Bgg Boss 17 Unseen Undekha video clip, Samarth Jurel breaks down Vicky’s personality and gameplay as he shares his analysis of Vicky’s behaviour with Anurag Dobhal. In the conversation he points out how Vicky has a good personality, however, he talks a lot and changes the topic during a conversation to suit his convenience.

This Unseen Undekha clip opens with Samarth and Anurag having a candid conversation in the garden area of the Bigg Boss 17 house. When Samarth points out saying, “Zayda hi sochta hai Vicky.” Anurag agrees and explains how there are certain contestants who do overthink.


Samarth then adds, “He is a good guy btw, but koi bhi topic leke jao woh ushko joh baat karna hota hai waha woh ghuma deta hai.”

Samarth then points out how he can easily catch this but it is not the same with everyone. He also points out how he instigates a fight between the contestants. He says, “Ushka kesa hai na agar kisi ki tujhse bigaad gyi toh sabko bhadka dega tere khilaf. Abhishek ke time bhi wohi kia tha.”

Anurag in Samarth’s analysis points out that sometimes for the game, people have to do certain things that might not match their personality. Samarth agrees, however, and explains how he personally follows the rule of letting the contestants be unless and until they are the ones instigating a fight or targeting him.

About Vicky’s game strategy, his wife and co-contestant Ankita Lokhande too had pointed out this flaw and said how he keeps relationships only from the game perspective, leading to distrust occurring within the housemates for Vicky.