Bigg Boss 17 Unseen Undekha: K-pop Singer Aoora reveals his full Korean name to Ankita Lokhande; says, “my real name is Park Min-jun”

Aoora discloses his full name, Park Min-jun, shedding light on Korean naming traditions. Check out his conversation with Ankita Lokhande and Samarth Jurel.

Korean singer Aoora has entered Bigg Boss 17 as the newest wild card contestant. Since his arrival, he has been proactive in building connections inside the controversial house. Recently, the singer made headlines when his family expressed disappointment with the show’s makers for giving Aoora limited screen time compared to other contestants. In an Unseen Undekha video clip, Aoora’s co-contestant Ankita Lokhande asked about his full name and its significance. Aoora explains the unique Korean naming convention which typically consists of a surname followed by a given name, with no middle names. He provided insights into how a Korean name is written and pronounced while also revealing his full Korean name, shedding light on this cultural aspect for the audience.

This Bigg Boss 17 Unseen Undekha video clip, opens with Ankita Lokhande asking Aoora about Korean names. She asks, “Why is it in K-dramas they always use some word before their names?” Saamrth interrupting explains, “Unke teen name hote hai na, jaise hamre do hai unke teen hote hai.” He then asks Aoora to open up about his full name. Aoora then reveals his full name. He says, “Park Min-jun. In Korea, the first name is always the family name.” Ankita then asks how the naming convention works with his name Aoora. He explains, “Aoora is my stage name and my real name is Park Min-jun. In this ‘Park’ is the family name and my name is Min-jun.


Isha Malviya then joins in on the conversation and helps Aoora out to explain his name. She explains that ‘Park’ is his ancestor’s name and that every member of the family takes on that as a surname.”