Bigg Boss 17 Unseen Undekha: Aoora gives ‘This’ Korean nickname to Isha Malviya; Check out the latter’s reply!

Aoora gives Isha Malviya the nickname ‘Sha Sha Sha,’ meaning ‘very cute’ in Korean. The actress reacts with a mix of shyness and blown kisses.

In the most recent Bigg Boss 17 Unseen Undekha video clip, Korean singer Aoora was seen giving Isha Malviya an adorable Korean nickname. He also explains the meaning behind it. Check out Isha’s reaction upon finding out.

This Unseen Undekha video clip opens in the garden area with Bigg Boss 17 wild card Aoora and Isha Malviya having a candid conversation. Aishwarya Sharma and Neil Bhatt are also present in the chat. When Isha teaches a funny one-liner to the K-pop sensation. She says, “Aee gore, tujhe bolna hai I am not chichora.” Aoora then repeats. “I am not chichora I am just gora, you’re Sha Sha Sha.”  This makes everyone laugh.


Isha then explains how he has been calling her ‘Sha Sha Sha’ for some time and how at first she was confused. She even mentioned correcting him. She explained, “Kal itni baar yeh mujhe awaaz laga raha hai and merko samajh hi nahi aa raha ki yeh kya bol rha hai. Mein kitchen mein thi aur mera back tha ishke taraf toh meine  dekha hi nahi aur yeh awaaz laga raha hai. Phir ishne mujhe aake bola toh maine kaha no it’s Isha, kehta hai I know but I will call you Sha Sha Sha.”

Aoora then explained the nickname he gave to Isha. He said, “Sha Sha Sha in Korean means very cute. You Isha a pretty girl” He also explained it further with a cute expression. Isha mimics it and is also seen getting a little shy hearing the compliment. She teasingly blows kisses to Aoora.