Bigg Boss 17 Unseen Undekha: Ankita Lokhande praises Asim Riaz while assuring Khanzaadi; says, “Usne game bhi achi kheli!”

Ankita Lokhande cites Asim Riaz as an example of a contestant who entered as a nobody, played a strong game while praising the former contestant.

In the recent Bigg Boss 17 Unseen Undekha video clip Khanzaadi confronts Ankita Lokhande about feeling insecure about her game and audience in the controversial house. Ankita Lokhande explains her that if she plays a good game then she wouldn’t have to worry about receiving support from the outside. She also points out how previously contestants without the celebrity status have also been able to make it to the finals of the show.

This Unseen Undekha clip opens in the bedroom area. Wherein Khanzaadi confronts Ankita Lokhande about her insecurity regarding her audience and support. She said, “Mujhe toh samajh nai aa raha ki bahar kon honge.”


Ankita assuring Firoza says, “Tu Bach rahi hai na Matlab terko ko support mil raha hai Aur tu acha karegi toh aur badhenge.”

Ankita then gives her the example of previous seasons contestants who came inside the house as nobody and went outside making a name for themselves. In their conversation she mentioned Asim Riaz from Bigg Boss 13 who became the runner of the season.

Ankita praising Asim Riaz said, “Woh aya tha andar tab koi nai tha and woh top par gya, Jeet bhi skta tha. Plus ushne game bhi achi Kheli.”

During their conversation, Ankita also pointed out how playing a good game is the key to succeed in the house. Assuring Khanzaadi about the same she encourages her to keep working on her game and eventually the audience will support her. Khanzaadi hearing this agrees but visibly still seemed insecure about elimination.