Bigg Boss 17: Tina Dutta takes a dig at makers for ‘white-washing’ Ankita Lokhande’s image; says, “uska sab acha dikha rahe hai toh trophy usko easily dila payege”

Tina also mentions how she really wishes Munawar Faruqui to win the season. Have a look!

The buzz surrounding Bigg Boss 17 is reaching new heights, with celebrities like Munawar Faruqui garnering widespread support. Notably, actress and former Bigg Boss 16 contestant Tina Datta has joined the league of admirers expressing her backing for Faruqui. In a recent interaction with photographers, Datta subtly took aim at the show’s makers, suggesting dissatisfaction with the portrayal of Ankita Lokhande, hinting at a perceived attempt to “whitewash” her image.

During Tina Datta’s recent outings in the city, as per ETimes, the paparazzi seized the opportunity to inquire about her views on Bigg Boss. Drawing from her firsthand experience in the Bigg Boss house, Tina was candid when asked about the potential winner. Indirectly hinting at Ankita Lokhande, she voiced her reservations about what she perceives as the channel’s attempt to “whitewash” Ankita’s name. In a clear expression of disagreement, Tina Datta added her unique perspective to the ongoing discourse surrounding the show’s narrative and contestants.


Addressing the inherent pressure within the Bigg Boss game, Tina Datta shared, “Things are very different inside and there’s a lot of pressure so things does get difficult. When you are continuously being told on weekend Ka Vaar things do get difficult. Then you feel like leaving the show and going home.”

She subtly expressed her concerns about Ankita Lokhande and the Bigg Boss makers by saying, “What do you guys think. Ek he toh face of the show hai usi ko toh white wash kar rahe hain toh usi ko jeetayenge. It’s so common and simple. Agar aap ek ko itna white wash kar rahe ho aur uska kuch bhi galat nahi dikha rahe ho sab accha accha dikha rahe ho pure time toh usi ko trophy milega.”

Expressing her admiration, Tina Datta openly declared her affection for Munawar Faruqui and expressed a heartfelt desire for him to clinch the winner’s trophy. She conveyed her support, stating, “I love Munawar. I wish Munawar trophy jeet jaye.”

When questioned by the media about whether her comments were directed towards Ankita Lokhande, the actress responded, “I don’t know whom I am talking about, but those who are wise will understand… a gesture is enough for the wise.”

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