Bigg Boss 17: SHOCKING! Vicky Jain touches Ayesha Khan in an inappropriate manner; fans tag him as ‘tharki’

Netizens are losing their calm and sharing their views on this incident in which Ayesha is clearly seen uncomfortable.

Vicky Jain is now receiving significant criticism for engaging in inappropriate touching with Ayesha Khan on the show. In the video, Vicky is seen being touchy with Ayesha, causing her discomfort, evident from her changed body language. While Vicky may not have been aware that his actions were without Ayesha Khan’s consent, the incident has sparked backlash, with Ankita Lokhande’s husband facing considerable trolling for this perceived toxic behaviour.

Fans are now sharing a clip from the live and bashing Vicky for touching Ayesha constantly. Have a look at the video:


Netizens are losing their calm and sharing their views on this incident. One user wrote, “Vicky is such a creep and cheap person. Look how he is touching Ayesha Khan. She is clearly feeling uncomfortable but he still didn’t stop.” Another said, “Ayesha is the next Sana for Vicky, it seems.” Some fans have started tagging Vicky as ‘tharki’ while previously because of his poor behaviour with his wife Ankita, fans had tagged him as ‘toxic’.

In the latest episode, fans observed a growing rift between Ankita and Vicky. Ankita goes as far as asking Vicky to get a divorce, stating that she won’t be going home with him. In a conversation with Ayesha and Munawar Faruqui, Ankita is seen complaining about Vicky, expressing that he lacks the caring and attention qualities that she needs the most. The dynamics of Ankita and Vicky’s marriage have been deteriorating since their entry into the Bigg Boss house.

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