Bigg Boss 17: Sana Raees Khan gets into an argument with Vicky Jain as he shares a bed with his wife Ankita Lokhande; Here’s what happened!

Sana raises objections to Ankita and Vicky sleeping together in the room, sparks argument.

The evolving dynamics among the contestants in the reality show are causing frequent fights and disagreements. Following Vicky Jain’s move into the Dimaag room, other male contestants, Sunny Arya, Arun Mashettey, and Anurag Dobhal, have been bonding with him. However, Sana Raees Khan is the sole contestant facing challenges in getting along, as she has had differences with all four at different times.

In the latest episode, Sana raises objections to Ankita and Vicky sleeping together in the room, sparks argument. She insists on sleeping on the bed that Ankita and Vicky have shared for the past four nights. Sana mentions that she struggles to sleep in the Dil room due to excessive light. Despite offers from Anurag and others to adjust and provide their beds, Sana remains firm.


This leads to a disagreement with Vicky, with Sana expressing dissatisfaction over his behavior. Vicky argues that gratitude is not a significant issue. Ankita intervenes, expressing her thanks to Sana, but ultimately, Ankita returns to the Dil room, and Vicky sleeps in the Dimaag room on a single bed.

In the live feed the next morning, Ankita discussed the previous night’s issue with Isha and Samarth in the Dil room, with Munawar and Abhishek also present. Ankita shared that Sana apologized for her actions and hugged her, making it difficult for her to hold any grudges. She expressed her desire not to get involved in the conflicts between Vicky and Sana.

In the daytime e, Sana was observed holding Vicky’s hand and persuading him to excuse her from duties. Meanwhile, Mannara began feeling insecure about Sana’s increasing closeness with Vicky and attempted to sway her against Vicky and Ankita. However, Sana straightforwardly told Mannara that she shares the strongest connection with Vicky on an intellectual level.