Bigg Boss 17: Samarth Jurel teases Abhishek Kumar about liking Khanzaadi; latter says, “Leti thi tab mera dhyan gya uspe”

Samarth Jurel playfully teases Abhishek Kumar in a Bigg Boss 17 clip, poking fun at Abhishek’s interest in Khanzaadi. The banter unfolds as Abhishek shares his observations in a video circulating the internet.

The news is dominated by the controversial and outspoken personalities of Bigg Boss 17 contestants. The recently strained relationship between Abhishek Kumar and Khanzaadi resulted in an argument. As per the latest Bigg Boss 17 video making the rounds on the internet, both of them have been at odds since their brawl and have chosen to keep their distance from each other for the benefit of their respective games.

In the video clip, Abhishek Kumar was seen watching Khanzaadi from a distance while she was sweeping the floor. Samarth Jurel and Munawar Faruqui were seated next to Abhishek. Abhishek looks at Khanzaadi and says, “Kyu durr chali gayi.” Munawar playfully teases Abhishek while Samarth tells Munawar what transpired the previous evening.


In the conversation, Samarth asks, “Kal wali baat batayi? Abhishek disputes believing Samarth is playing a bluff. Then, Samarth makes fun of Abhishek and requests that he share. Then, Abhishek informs Munawar, “Basically Khazaadi leti padi thi. Jab woh nikli na toh badi achhi lag rahi thi, toh mera dhyan gya ushpe, matlab jaise appna dhyan jaata hai na waise dekha.”

Munawar then asks, “Apna dhyan jaata hai kya hota?” On this remark Abhishek then teased Munawar about Mannara Chopra. He says, “Jaise tera dhyan Mannara par jata hai na waise.” Munawar immediately replies, “Pagal hai kya, aisa kuch nahi hai.” Then, Samarth Jurel says he saw Abhishek staring at Khanzaadi as she lay there. Abhishek continues, saying that he exchanged winks with Samarth. Then Abhishek and Munawar say that this isn’t even a conversation topic.