Bigg Boss 17: Salman Khan unleashes as contestants make him wait for 30 mins; tells Bigg Boss, “Let’s not lose our respect and give respect to these people”

Salman Khan emphasized that contestants were not taking things seriously and were disrespecting the platform.

In the recent episode of Bigg Boss 17, Salman Khan expressed his frustration with the contestants for their negligent behavior. He strongly criticized them, revealing that their bad behavior with Karan Johar in the previous week had resulted in a significant missed career opportunity.

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 17, the contestants were tardy for the Weekend Ka Vaar shoot despite numerous announcements and reminders. Salman Khan, visibly irritated, had to wait for at least 20 minutes for them to assemble in the living room. An exasperated Salman exclaimed, “How long do you think I am standing here? Despite multiple announcements, still, how much time? I am not your Bigg Boss. When he calls you all, you make him wait for more than 30 mins. Get me out of the house.” Bigg Boss then reprimanded the housemates for disrespecting Salman Khan, stating, “This is not acceptable; you guys have crossed all limits by making Salman Khan wait.”


Salman Khan sternly rebuked the contestants for their careless behaviour, expressing extreme fury. He emphasized that they were not taking things seriously and were disrespecting the platform. Salman stated, “I am your host. I dedicate one and a half hours every day, regardless of my busy schedule, to watch the show so that I can guide and educate you all. There must be a reason why I didn’t come last week.”

Referring to the previous episode hosted by Karan Johar, Salman Khan addressed the contestants, highlighting their disrespectful behavior during Karan’s commentary on the show. Salman remarked, “Karan told me 2-3 weeks back that this season has very good contestants, but now he has guaranteed me that this lot will never get called from his production house. You guys have yourself destroyed a major opportunity. Karan is one of the biggest producers of the industry. When you guys come out, try meeting Karan or me. Or even looking at me from afar.”

He further said, “Yeh sab aapke losses hai, aur iske zimmedar bhi aap hi log ho. Iss show se bohot saare log nikle hai, aur iss show se bohot saare log barbaad bhi hogaye hai. I can see that the contestants who came with work, they will receive lesser work after the show and it is because of them.”

Bigg Boss then requests Salman to commence the show, and Salman acknowledges that he has already started. He proceeds to offer friendly advice to Bigg Boss, saying, “The way you interact with them, please don’t do it henceforth, they don’t have respect for you. The way you talk to them, this lot of the house doesn’t want to listen. So let’s not lose our respect. Let them do what they want, let Abhishek, Mannara, Khanzaadi do what they want. Inki taqdeer, inka future, inke hawale, inke haath. Izzat raas nahi aati hai inhe. You have never raised your voice on them, but they don’t want to listen inko inke haal pe chhod do.”

Further, Salman mentioned how he didn’t want to host Bigg Boss, “This kind of yelling that is happening in the house. They are making cheap allegations against each other. Abhishek is constantly bringing up his past despite telling him 100 times. He is still doing the same thing and saying ‘main aisa hi hoon, main emotional hoon’, this is not done.”

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