Bigg Boss 17: Salman Khan shares how his father kept him grounded before the release of ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’; Have a look

In yesterday’s episode, Salman Khan gave Alizeh a tour of the Bigg Boss 17 sets when he shared some precious piece of advice that his father Salim Khan gave to him.

Bigg Boss 17’s recent Weekend Ka Vaar episode showcased Salman Khan’s niece, Alizeh, promoting her upcoming film with the entire cast. She was seen engaging in intriguing games with the contestants and even entered the house for interactions. Additionally, last year’s winner, MC Stan, joined the fun. Salman Khan gave Alizeh a tour of the Bigg Boss 17 sets during the episode.

Salman warmly welcomed Alizeh on the Bigg Boss 17 sets. Alizeh expressed her gratitude, noting that as a child, she had visited Salman’s film sets, making her appearance on the show particularly special.


During the tour, Salman acknowledged the special nature of the moment, highlighting that Alizeh’s appearance on the show is significant not only as his niece but also as an actor. The conversation delved into her debut movie, and Salman Khan reminisced about the time when “Maine Pyaar Kiya” was set to be released.

The host fondly recalled his father Salim Khan’s advice during the release of the movie by sharing his father’s words, stating that Alizeh will not just become a star but a cult star, and the only person who can hinder her progress is herself. Salman passed on this valuable advice to Alizeh, emphasizing the importance of self-belief and pledged to support her in her journey. Alizeh expressed gratitude and promised to heed his guidance in her career.

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