Bigg Boss 17: Salman Khan loses his calm on Anurag Dobhal; says, “Tumse toh baat karke matlab nahi hai”

While highlighting those acting as puppets under them, Salman turned attention to Anurag Dobhal.

Bigg Boss 17, hosted by Salman Khan, continues to generate buzz with recent episodes filled with controversies and intense conflicts. The latest Weekend Ka Vaar episode was brimming with drama, featuring activities to captivate the audience. Salman Khan, in his face-to-face conversation with the contestants, expressed visible irritation with Anurag Dobhal for his comments, particularly the statement about earning through his fans.

The discussion unfolded as Salman Khan singled out Vicky Jain and Munawar Faruqui for their game plan, labeling them “masterminds” aiming to dominate in the Bigg Boss 17 house. While highlighting those acting as puppets under them, Salman turned attention to Anurag Dobhal, stating, “Inka toh naam lena nahi chahiye bhai. Inki joh army hai, inhone khud kaha hai ki mai inse paise kamata hu.” Despite Anurag denying the claim, Salman emphasized that he made the statement to someone, a point corroborated by Munawar Faruqui.


Anurag Dobhal attempted to clarify that his statement meant his fans helped him reach success. However, Salman Khan refuted this, questioning Munawar about Anurag’s actual words. Munawar revealed Anurag’s statement: “Unse mei kamata hu aur mera ghar chalta hai (I earn from them, and they help me run my house).” Salman, visibly irked, responded, “Yeh nahi ki mai mehnat karta hu aur koshish karta hu ki unka ghar chale. Aap unn bicharo se paise kama ke apna ghar chala rahe ho (He could not say I am working hard for my fans. Instead, you are using their money to run your house).”

Salman Khan issued a warning to Anurag, cautioning him to be careful about making such statements in the future, as some of his fans might be part of his fan club, and Salman is well-informed. Despite Anurag’s attempts to explain, Salman firmly stated, “I don’t want to talk to you, Anurag. Somebody who says, ‘My house runs because of them.” The host’s stance emphasized the seriousness of the issue and its impact on Anurag’s image within the show.

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