Bigg Boss 17 Promo: Munawar Faruqui lashes out at Abhishek Kumar; says, “Haath maat pakad mera iss tarah”

Seems like things are not well between close friends Munawar and Abhishek. Here’s what happened!

In the Bigg Boss house, Munawar Faruqi and Abhishek Sharma, once close friends, seem to be on the verge of a rift. In the latest promo for Bigg Boss 17, the two are seen engaged in a loud argument. Abhishek expresses his dissatisfaction to Faruqi regarding Mannara Chopra, pointing out that Faruqi had previously defended her use of inappropriate language towards him.

The drama intensifies as Abhishek stands in the living area, watching Mannara and Munawar pass by. When Anurag Dobhal attempts to get Mannara’s attention, she ignores him and leaves with Munawar. Perplexed by the situation, Abhishek turns to Anurag, expressing his discomfort, “Bhai, mujhe bada ajeeb laga, tereko laga?” Anurag evades the conversation, responding with a dismissive “Chod naa.”


In response to Bigg Boss’s encouragement to express himself clearly, Abhishek raises his voice, stating, “Maine yeh bola ki isne Mannara ko bulaya aur Munawar, Mannara ko leke chala gaya toh mereko bada ajeeb sa laga ki Mannara, Anurag ke paas ruki kyu nahi?” Anurag defends himself, saying, “Maine bulaya nahi usse, maine pucha all okay?” In the midst of the argument, Munawar asks Mannara to join him, but she refuses, telling him, “Nahi, aap inke saath jaao.” Munawar, frustrated with Abhishek, straightforwardly expresses, “Gadha hai yeh gadha, he’s an a**.”

Amidst growing tension, Abhishek vents to Anurag, stating, “Bhai, usko samjha apni Mannara ko nahi toh main uski Khallara kar dunga yaha pe.” Anurag advises Abhishek to address the issue directly with Mannara. In an unpleasant mood, Abhishek finally confronts Munawar about Mannara’s use of derogatory language. Munawar suggests, “Aap uspe usse ladd lijiye.” Abhishek questions if Munawar won’t intervene, and Munawar agrees, adding that he defended Abhishek even though he wasn’t present. Abhishek asks Munawar to lower his tone, expressing that Mannara’s words trigger him.

As the comedian tries to leave, Abhishek holds his hands. Munawar objects, stating, “Haath mat pakad mera iss tarah.” The argument intensifies, involving Abhishek, Munawar, Mannara, and Anurag in a heated exchange in the living area. This leads to a war of words between Abhishek and Mannara, with the conflict stemming from Mannara repeatedly referring to Abhishek as an ‘a**,’ a behavior Munawar had previously defended by attributing it to Abhishek’s high-pitched tone.

This episode marks a turning point as Abhishek expresses his displeasure with Munawar’s past defense, turning the situation into a confrontational episode. Stay tuned with us for more updates on Bigg Boss 17!