Bigg Boss 17 Promo: Ankita Lokhande snaps back at Isha Malviya after being tagged as ‘unhygienic’; says, “Usko lagta hai badi cleaning ki devi hai”

The promo teases a new conflict between Ankita and Isha Malviya over cleanliness issues. Check out how Ankita defended herself.

Bigg Boss 17 is becoming increasingly entertaining with every episode that airs. The most recent episode showed Anurag Dobhal remark on the desire to leave the show while announcing his voluntary resignation, he stated that he is prepared to pay the 2 crore rupee penalty. Now, as per the most recent Bigg Boss 17 promo, viewers will witness another fight breaking between once-friends Ankita and Isha Malviya regarding cleanliness issues.

This most recent promo opens with Bigg Boss’s voice instructing Isha to call one contestant to the therapy room, who she thinks is weak with regard to the cleanliness of the controversial house. Isha then calls Ankita into the room, questioning Ankita’s cleaning skills. She says, “Cleanliness mein aapko thoda updated rehne ki jarurat hai aur aapki cheezein bhi sambhal kar rakkhni chahiye.” She claimed that Ankita needs to be reminded multiple times to take care of the house and to fully clean the restrooms. She doesn’t, however, perform her duties in a tidy manner. Isha further said, “Aap apne kapde bhi nahi uthate ho 3-4 dino take, toh hum aapne kapde kaha rakhe.”


Ankita gets offended by Isha’s comments on her cleaning skills saying, “Ushko lagta hai woh bahut badi cleaning ki devi hai. Khud karle itna issue hai ushe toh.” Isha then points out how she has helped her out before and how she doesn’t like the level of cleanliness she wants in Ankita.  This led to a massive argument with Ankita telling Isha, “Aap ekdam professionally clean karti hongi but mujhe nahi aata aur mein sikh rahi hu. Mujhe jeetna ayga mein utna hi karungi.”