Bigg Boss 17 Promo: Aishwarya Sharma and Vicky Jain get into an ugly war of words; former says, “khud ko master mind samjhne wala master blind hai”

Aishwarya even tagged Vicky as a ‘downmarket’ person and called him ‘Sana 2.0’.

A significant altercation erupted once again between Vicky Jain and Aishwarya Sharma in Bigg Boss 17. A newly released promo revealed a heated exchange between Aishwarya Sharma and Vicky Jain, with both engaging in name-calling and making derogatory remarks.

The conflict began when Vicky informed Arun about Aishwarya not fulfilling her duties. This infuriated Aishwarya, leading her to criticize him and label him as ‘Sana 2.0.’ In response, Vicky mocked her, comparing her actions to that of a child.


The disagreement initiated when Vicky informed Arun, saying, “Aishwarya ne aapke sath same kia, aap kuch kar paye? Nahi na toh mujhe kyun bol rahe ho?” Arun responded, “mujhe farak nahi padta phir Aishwarya ho ya koi aur ho.” Upon hearing this, Aishwarya entered the kitchen area and said, “ye kya kar rahe ho aap? Sana 2.0 ho kya?”

Later, the disagreement escalated into an ugly spat, with both participants resorting to name-calling. Aishwarya remarked to Vicky, “khud ko master mind samjhne wala master blind hai, please jaldi apna kam karke niklo.” Vicky retorted, “aapko inn hi chizo ke liye bola jaata hai, khudko dekho, ye Kya kar rahe ho?”

Aishwarya continued, saying, “you are a downmarket person, pagal, duffer, chal nikal.. aap Sana 2.0 ho.” Vicky, angered, responded, “aap show main bhi LKG 1 main ho kya?”

The housemates appeared shocked and attempted to calm down the escalating argument between Aishwarya and Vicky. Over the weeks, Aishwarya and Vicky have been involved in several heated disputes.

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