Bigg Boss 17: OTT 2 winner Elvish Yadav all set to enter the season as a wild card contestant? Here’s what we know!

There is speculation among fans that the makers might introduce some social media influencers in the show.

Bigg Boss 17 fans anticipate a potential mass elimination in the coming days, with viewers expressing the belief that contestants like Tehelka Bhai, Anurag Dobhal, Jigna Vohra, and Rinku Dhawan contribute little to the show. Social media reports suggest the arrival of up to five new wild card entries, including names like Flora Saini, Tassnim Nerurkar, Jahanara Alam (Bangladeshi cricketer), Lovekesh Kataria, and Rakhi Sawant with her estranged husband, Adil Khan Durrani.

A video featuring Elvish Yadav is circulating, where he mentions upcoming wild cards, including TV celebrities, YouTubers, and a renowned TikToker. Lovekesh Kataria, Elvish Yadav’s friend, is reportedly part of the show. The identity of the famous TikToker is generating intrigue among viewers.


There is speculation among fans that the makers might introduce Mr. Faisu, also known as Faisal Shaikh, as a contestant on Bigg Boss 17. Mr. Faisu, a prominent TikTok star and the runner-up of Khatron Ke Khiladi 12, has a massive following with over 31 million followers on Instagram. While he was approached for Bigg Boss 16, he expressed the desire to join the show from the beginning rather than as a wildcard. However, circumstances can change, and fans are eager to see him on the show.

A netizen commented that Elvish Yadav’s videos suggest close connections with the creative team of Colors TV. Another viewer mentioned the possibility of Thara Bhai Joginder, known for his Instagram reels, being one of the new entrants.

Fans are expressing skepticism about Lovekesh Kataria’s entry into Bigg Boss 17. Elvish Yadav’s significant vote count on Bigg Boss OTT 2 has highlighted the popularity and reach of social media stars, prompting the show’s makers to include a mix of TV celebrities and regional influencers. Mr. Faisu stands out as one of the most inspiring figures on social media, with a rags-to-riches story that has been widely covered by various media outlets. Hailing from Mumbai, Mr. Faisu initially worked as a salesboy at his father’s shop but gained immense success through his video content. The show’s history includes winners like MC Stan, who represented the desi hip-hop community and garnered a substantial number of votes.

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