Bigg Boss 17: Netizens troll Munawar Faruqui after Ayesha Khan exposes the reality of their relationship; say, “Ladkiyon ko CHUNNA laga ne wala MUNNA”

After Ayesha’s entry in the house, Munawar is seen breaking down and asking Bigg Boss to let him go home.

The Bigg Boss 17 makers have intensified the drama surrounding Munawar Faruqui with the entry of model Ayesha Khan. Ayesha alleges that the stand-up comedian is a womanizer, claiming that he proposed marriage to her while he was already involved with Nazila Sitaishi. Munawar, on the show, has portrayed that he is still in a relationship with Nazila. However, it will be unveiled that they had broken up before he entered the Bigg Boss house. Netizens have observed Nazila’s absence in posting any support for Munawar on social media.

Munawar Faruqui’s dynamics on the show, especially his friendship with Mannara Chopra, garnered attention from the Bigg Boss 17 makers. However, the attempt to emphasize this angle and create conflicts with Vicky Jain did not resonate well with the audience. The recent promo, bringing focus back to Munawar Faruqui, has received mixed reactions from netizens. Some express dissatisfaction, suggesting that Munawar might be facing consequences for his behavior towards Isha Malviya when Samarth Jurel entered the house.


Have a look at the video where Munawar is seen breaking down:

Netizens lost their calm watching this and one user wrote, ” Sympathy card on hogaya bhaiya ka!” While other wrote, “Lo bhai ab toh Munawar ne bhi bol Diya ghar jana hai, ab Anurag ko koi kuch nahi bolega.”

Another netizen went on tagging Munawar as ‘fake’ and ‘nautanki’. One trolled him by saying, “Ladkiyon ko CHUNNA laga ne wala MUNNA!”

It will be interesting to see what happens next as Ayesha and Munawar will be under the same roof. Stay tuned with us for more updates on Bigg Boss 17!