Bigg Boss 17: Netizens slam Ankita Lokhande and applaud Isha Malviya after their fight over cleanliness

Netizens express frustration with Ankita Lokhande on Bigg Boss 17, praising Isha Malviya for standing up to her.

Bigg Boss 17 is now in its seventh week. Several celebrities, including Anurag Dobhal, Khanzaadi, and Mannara Chopra, have broken down and expressed a desire to leave the house. But, after a while, things changed. Aside from this, another constant is conflict over responsibilities. Tonight, we saw Isha Malviya and Ankita Lokhande argue about their roles, as well as Khanzaadi and Neil Bhatt argue about their roles. The fight between Ankita and Isha has made headlines.


Ankita Lokhande was also seen arrogantly claiming that she always does her duties and cleans better than others. Mannara Chopra was seen joking with Vicky Jain and asking him to go help her clean. Sana Raees Khan was also seen assisting Ankita in cleaning her room. Ankita still refused to believe she had hygiene issues.


The whole incident annoyed the Bigg Boss 17 viewers. They have bashed the Pavitra Rishata actress. Ankita has been called out by netizens, and some have even said she is incorrigible. They have asked her to forgive herself and move on. On the other hand, they have praised Isha Malviya for standing up to Ankita.

Taking to X, one of the fans wrote, “#IshaMalviya the little player, rocked to day, had the guts to go against Bahu #AnkitaLokhande which even the #MunawarFaruqui couldn’t do and lacks (guts). While another fan wrote, “Finally someone is giving the queen #AnkitaLokhande a reality check!! She thinks she is supreme but sadly she is FAKE!!! Learn to listen for a change!! #IshaMalviya go for it!! #BB17